Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

“Effective CRM touches all areas of your company.”

Our comprehensive service in developing and – if desired – managing CRM programs starts with the complete understanding of our clients’ needs, processes, and the characteristics of their current customer base and relationship management initiatives.  We design effective customer life cycle programs tailored to your particular business requirements, existing technology (systems), and taking into consideration the prevailing corporate culture.

Structured Customer Database:
Our experts set up and maintain a customer database which provides customized online reporting placing information about your customers literally at your fingertips. In addition, we offer verification of customer and prospect information and general data cleansing services supported by our call center.

Campaign Fulfillment:

Collaborating directly with your creative agency, we ensure professional management of your campaigns be it bulk or personalized mailings including the management of undeliverable mailings, regular quality checks and reporting. Owing to our extensive experience in CRM, we can also guide you in the definition of target groups and consult you on the planning of your targeted campaigns.